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Primrose flies home to receive neonatal care



230 miles

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Primrose was born unexpectedly early whilst her parents were on holiday in Edinburgh. Being born so prematurely, she was cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Edinburgh Children's Hospital.

Primrose had a long hospital stay ahead of her. Primrose's parents, Jessica and Joe, were so grateful for the care that Primrose was receiveing at the hospital in Edinburgh, but the cost of staying away from home was mounting and Joe needed to return home for work. Primrose needed to be transferred to a hospital closer to home.

The closest NICU to their home was at Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax. This was over 230 miles from where Primose was currently being cared for in Edinburgh. A long journey by road ambulance could be really detrimental to Primrose's health, so Lia's Wings offered to fly Primrose by aeroplane in our flight-ready incubator.

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On transfer day, our Flight Team collected Primrose from Edinburgh Children's Hospital. She was placed in our incubator where she stayed snug until reaching the new hospital. Jessica, Primrose's mum, was able to accompany her throughout the transfer, and reunited with Joe at the hospital in Halifax.

After 2 months in hospital, Primrose was finally discharged home. As you can see, Primrose is now thriving!

Primrose - 8 weeks.jpg
Primrose - 6 months.jpg
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