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Albie flies home to receive neonatal care

University Hospital Crosshouse, Ayrshire

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital, Kent

510 miles

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Mum-to-be Sheynanne was attending a funeral in Ayrshire, Scotland, when she went into preterm labour. Her son, Albie, was born unexpectedly early and immediatley placed the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at University Hospital Crosshouse in Ayrshire.

Albie had a long hospital stay ahead of him but Sheynanne had only planned to be away from home for one day. Their home was now over 500 miles away in Margate, Kent. She felt stranded and was totally unprepared for this extremely rare and unforeseen situation. It was incredibly stressful for Sheynanne. 

It was vital that Albie was transferred back to his closest NICU at Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Kent. However, this was over 500 miles from where Albie was currently being cared for in Ayrshire. Albie wouldn't be able to withstand the long journey by road ambulance, so Lia's Wings stepped in to fly him by aeroplane in our flight-ready incubuator.

Albie 1
Albie 2

On transfer day, our Flight Team collected Albie and Sheynanne from University Hospital Crosshouse. Albie was placed in our incubator where he stayed snug until reaching the new hospital. Our aircraft was waiting for them at Glasgow Airport, only a few miles from the hospital, and we flew them from Glasgow Airport to Lydd Airport. We then transferred them onto a road ambulance and whizzed them off to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital.

Albie settled in really quickly at the new hospital and was discharged soon after. Lia's Wings resolved an extremely stressful and uncertain situation for Sheynanne and helped give Albie the best possible start in life.

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