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What we do

Ensuring children can access the care they need

NHS-led research published in January 2022 confirmed that around 100 children every year need a transfer to hospital by aeroplane. Our air transfer service is required when a transfer by NHS road ambulance or rotary air ambulance would either be impractical or inappropriate for the child. Lia's Wings provides air transfers using aeroplanes to ensure that children can access the essential care and treatment they need, wherever they are in the UK. This includes:

Neonatal care

When babies are born prematurely whilst their parents are away from home, we offer repatriation flights so that they can continue to receive neonatal care closer to home. We are able to fly children born as early as 23 weeks gestation in our own intensive care flight-ready incubator.

Urgent surgery including transplants

Should a child need an urgent transplant, we can mobilise our service within two hours to fly them to a specialist hospital to receive the transplant. These transfers can be life-saving for a child.