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Elisa flies to Germany for
life-saving treatment

Evelina London Children's Hospital, London

The University of Tübingen

600 miles

Elisa was born with a rare condition called Robin Pierre syndrome that affects her ability to feed, breathe and speak and without treatment can be fatal. Her parents, Eva and Nick, didn’t know much about her condition so they threw themselves into researching information about her condition. They discovered that treatment for her condition wasn’t currently available in the UK, but through a community of parents of children with a similar condition to Elisa, they found out that The University of Tübingen Hospital in Germany could provide Elisa with the life-saving treatment she needed. The hospital is a centre of excellence for her condition and would be able to treat and care for her.

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The medical team that was looking after her at Evelina London Children's Hospital supported the family’s decision to receive specialist treatment in Germany. In need of an urgent air transfer to Germany, her team at Evelina recommended that Elisa’s family get in touch with Lia’s Wings to fund and facilitate the air transfer.

Lia’s Wings immediately responded and worked with UK and German hospitals to arrange the air transfer. Within one week of referral, at just one-month-old, we flew Elisa from Evelina London Children's Hospital to The University of Tübingen Hospital for life-saving treatment.

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We are delighted to say that the specialist treatment that we flew Elisa to Germany for was a huge success! She was the first British child to ever receive the surgery at The University of Tübingen Hospital and it has helped save her life. Elisa can now feed exclusively through her mouth (a huge step) and isn’t reliant on breathing support anymore. Elisa’s mum, Eva, says: “We went for a walk down the corridor just now without any tubes attached and I can just weep with joy!”


The family are taking everything day by day but Elisa is well on her way to recovery. Thank you for ensuring Elisa had access to life-saving treatment!

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