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Kolby flies home to receive specialist care

St George's Hospital, London

Royal Jubilee Hospital, Belfast

470 miles

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Kolby and his twin brother, Samuel, had a condition called Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). It is a rare condition that means identical twins share a placenta and therefore all nutrients whilst in the womb. Kolby and Samuel were transferred to St George’s Hospital in London for pioneering lazer surgery that aimed to separate the twins. This was the only hospital in the UK that provided this specialist surgery.

Sadly, Samuel deteriorated and passed away.


Kolby was also critically ill and his health fluctuated drastically whilst in London. Once he stabilised, Lia’s Wings was contacted to fly him back home to Belfast to receive specialist care closer to home.


Losing Samuel whilst trying to concentrate on Kolby’s health was incredibly difficult for their whole family, especially their mum, Chloe. The Lia’s Wings team could see how hard it was for her and so gave her extra support in the lead up to Kolby’s transfer, during the transfer and will continues for as long as needed.


After saying a difficult goodbye to Samuel, we flew Kolby and his mum, Chloe, 470 miles from St George's Hospital in London to Royal Jubilee Hospital in Belfast. He is now receiving specialist treatment at a hospital closer to home.


Flying Kolby back to Northern Ireland, meant that he could be reunited with his dad and siblings. This alleviated a lot of pressure from Kolby’s parents.


We are proud that we could facilitate the best possible outcome for Kolby and his family.

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