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Uwak-Mfon, Dara-Mfon & Emem-Mfon fly home to receive neonatal care

Hillingdon Hospital, London

Fourth Valley Hospital,

400 miles

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Nse and Ayoade were visiting London when their triplets, Uwak-Mfon, Dara-Mfon & Emem-Mfon, arrived early, over 400 miles from home. They were born at Hillingdon Hospital, West London, and were immediately placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Being born early, they needed extra support breathing and required constant monitoring.


The triplets faced a long stay in hospital meaning the family were stranded over 400 miles from their family home in Falkirk, Scotland. This caused a lot of stress for Nse and Ayoade. They were really worried about the financial pressures of being away from home for months. It was essential that the triplets were transferred to a hospital closer to home.

Nse, the triplets' mum, says: “All options on the table were really expensive for us to bear, but the hospital contacted Lia's Wings for assistance in transporting our triplets and they obliged, free of any cost to a good hospital in Scotland.”

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Lia’s Wings flew Uwak-Mfon, Dara-Mfon & Emem-Mfon from Hillingdon Hospital to Fourth Valley Hospital in Falkirk, Scotland. This was a momentous transfer for our charity as we flew all three babies in one aircraft – a milestone for Lia’s Wings and an innovative step for neonatal transport in the UK.

The triplets settled in well at the new hospital and within a week of being transferred to Fourth Valley Hospital, Dara-Mfon had progressed so much that they didn’t support from the incubator.


Ayoade, the triplet’s dad, says:

“With the children still under care as preterm babies, we love to be close to home. My wife can rest well and we can visit our triplets easily. Thank you Lia’s Wings - you made this happen.”


By flying Uwak-Mfon, Dara-Mfon & Emem-Mfon to a hospital closer to home, Lia's Wings resolved an extremely stressful situation for Nse and Ayoade and gave the triplets the best possible start in life.

Nse, the triplet’s mum, says:

“Reading through your website and the wonderful testimonies from previous beneficiaries of your generosity, we can say you are really amazing in setting up a foundation like this to help parents and their children receive better treatment in terms of health. I believe Lia is so happy with this initiative. On behalf of our triplets we want to say a big THANK YOU for this wonderful support you have extended to us. To the trustees Patrick and Melissa, I believe Lia is smiling and happy you are doing this for her. We will be an ambassador of your great initiative. Thank you so much for flying us home.”

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