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My child needs an air ambulance transfer from abroad

Mum and baby on air ambulance transfer from France to UK

Lia’s Wings is a UK charity that provides air ambulance transfers for British children who are born prematurely or become critically ill whilst abroad. We can assist your family whether you have the correct travel insurance or not.

Even if your baby or child isn't ready to fly yet, we are here for you at every stage if you need medical information or just a listening ear.

Please get in touch with our CEO, Charlotte, if you need our assistance. Her details are below:


Calling from the UK: 0300 140 9980

Calling from abroad (mob): +44 300 140 9980

Calling from abroad (landline): 00 44 300 140 9980

Calling from North America: 011 44 300 140 9980


We will do all we can to support you and your family.

How Lia’s Wings can help:

  • We can organise an air transfer back to the UK with an expert team who can care for your baby or child

  • We can cover some or all of the costs depending on where you are and what care your baby or child needs

  • If we can't cover all the costs we can help you with fundraising

  • We can organise a hospital bed and arrange care with a UK consultant doctor

  • We can provide emotional support – we understand you are in very challenging circumstances and we will do all we can to help you and your family

  • Our doctors and nurses can help you understand the medical information you have been given

  • We can help you access emergency travel documents for your newborn baby

  • Once you are back in the UK, we can signpost you to other organisations that may be able to help your specific circumstances.

If you have the correct travel insurance, we can still help by:

  • Speaking to your travel insurer on your behalf to make sure they have all the correct information. Sometimes our expert medical team can help get your child home to a UK hospital more quickly.

  • Providing emotional support - although you have the correct insurance, we know this process is never simple. We are here for you right now and for as long as you need us

  • Making sure care is arranged at the most appropriate hospital in the UK and all the medical information is communicated properly - this is not always the case when insurance companies make the arrangements

Next steps

  • First, speak to your insurance company and find out what they will cover – they may have a service that will help you

  • Make sure mum and any partner have accommodation, phone and transport

  • Let your hotel or accommodation provider know that there has been a medical emergency

  • Speak to your airline or holiday company for support and let them know they will need to delay any flights home.

  • Find out the name and contact details of your child’s hospital and treating doctor

  • Request a medical report from the hospital

For newborn babies you will need travel documents to return to the UK:

  • Get a foreign birth certificate for your baby

  • Contact the FCDO, British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate to get assistance

  • Read this essential information about sick and premature babies:

Please call Lia's Wings at any time if you need help or just someone to talk to

"I am so grateful to have found Lia’s Wings and wish I'd have known about them sooner. I instantly felt like I had support and someone there who truly cared and wanted to help me and Ren. From medical advice to a supportive chat, helping with my medical transfer and making me feel less alone and helpless whilst stuck abroad. I will forever be grateful and will always remember that first phone call where you helped give me hope again. Thank you."

- Devon, Ren's mum

Families we have flown back from overseas

Molly - a British premature baby in hospital in Cyprus

Lia's Wings flew Molly back to the UK after she was born 16 weeks early in Cyprus

Molly was born 24 weeks gestation (4 months early) whilst her family were on holiday in Cyprus. Lia's Wings provided financial assistance, help translating medical documents, support in obtaining emergency travel documents for Molly, emotional support for Bethany and Jan, and all the logistics for Molly’s safe air ambulance transfer home. 

Alice - a British premature baby in hospital in France

Lia's Wings flew Alice back to the UK after she was born 14 weeks early in France

Alice was born at 26 weeks gestation (3.5 months early) whilst her family were on holiday in Paris, France. Alice's family had the correct travel insurance, but Lia's Wings helped speed up the process to bring Alice home. They also helped arrange emergency travel documents for Alice, spoke to the British Embassy on behalf of the family and secured a hospital bed for Alice in the UK.

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