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National Air Ambulance Week 2023

Lia’s Wings is the only charity in the UK that flies children to hospital by aeroplane. This National Air Ambulance Week we are highlighting the need for our unique service that provides life-changing outcomes for children and their families across the UK. Join us in celebrating between Monday 4th – Sunday 10th September 2023 by helping us raise awareness of our charity’s service.

Why aeroplanes are needed to transfer children

Lia’s Wings is a national charity that provides hospital air transfers for children. We ensure that babies and critically ill children can access specialist treatment and care, wherever they are in the UK.

We are the only charity in the UK that flies children using aeroplanes. Using aeroplanes to fly children means we are able to take on a wider variety of long-distance transfers. We are also seeing a growing need for our charity to repatriate British children from overseas. Using aeroplanes means we can respond to children wherever they are in the world.

Aeroplanes give us the flexibility to cater for children with a variety of health conditions whilst also providing a reliable service for our families, irrespective of weather conditions or distance, providing certainty when everything else is uncertain. Our pressurised cabins can support children with breathing difficulties, we can fly at sea level to ensure less pressure on a child’s brain, our aircraft can provide an infection-free environment for children post-surgery and there is always space for parents to accompany their child, which we know is so important during such a difficult time for families.

Aeroplanes are also less subject to noise and vibration and therefore over longer distances are often a safer and more comfortable environment for children, especially premature babies. We have our own intensive care flight-ready incubator which enables babies to be moved long distances to neonatal intensive care units.

Support Lia’s Wings this National Air Ambulance Week

We are a small charity that is trying to help as many families as possible. Join us during National Air Ambulance Week as we celebrate the benefits of our unique service and the life-changing outcomes it provides. Here are some of the ways to can support us during this special week:

1. Follow Lia’s Wings on social media

Help spread vital awareness about our Charity during National Air Ambulance Week by liking and sharing our posts on social media.

2. Share your story

If you have used our service then please share your experiences and raise awareness of the need for our service. If you are sharing your experiences with your friends, family and followers on social media, please don’t forget to tag us!

3. Fundraise for our unique service

Whether you take on a running challenge, hold a bake sale or see how long you can keep a balloon in the air, you will be raising funds to fly seriously ill children and babies to hospital. We love to hear all the creative ways our supporters are fundraising, so please let us know if you are taking on a challenge for Lia’s Wings by emailing

5. Donate towards a child’s air transfer

We are currently only able to fly 2 out of every 4 children who need our service. Your support can ensure we reach every child that needs us. Donate here:

Thank you!

Growing awareness of our service is really important to us – the more people that know about our service, the more children we can fly. We really appreciate any support you can give us during National Air Ambulance Week. Whether you are sharing our posts on social media, attending one of our events, or simply chatting to a friend about us over a coffee, we really appreciate all your support!


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