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Apollo Global Management raises £97,000 for Lia’s Wings in 2023

Private equity firm, Apollo Global Management, has supported Lia’s Wings generously through various fundraising activities in 2023 and has raised £97,000.

Their support included a charity pub quiz which they held in a pub local to their offices and raised over £27,000 for Lia’s Wings through donations and entry into the quiz.

They also very kindly included our charity in their Annual Holiday Party. Before the Party, they hosted an online auction with all proceeds going directly to Lia’s Wings. The auction items included a round of golf for three with Jim Galowski and dinner at Beaverbrook Golf Club that raised £4,000, a signed All Blacks Jersey from the 2023 Rugby World Cup that raised £1,750 and a piece of artwork titled 'Bottled Chic' by Campbell Le Pun donated by Clarendon Fine Art that raised £1,500. In addition, we received generous donations from employees on the night and a donation of £10,000 from Apollo Global Management.

Apollo Global Management has raised enough in 2023 to fund eight life-changing air transfers as well as specialist medical equipment and 30 hours of vital family support. This is an incredible contribution to our work!

This amazing support stems from our charity’s connection to Lia’s mum, Melissa Schoennagel, who is a Managing Director at Apollo Global Management and also a Trustee of Lia’s Wings. We have been so grateful to the firm for all the support they have shown our charity and the Schoennagel family since Lia’s passing.

Reflecting on their support, Lia's Wings CEO, Charlotte Young, says:

"Apollo Global Management excelled in their support for Lia’s Wings in 2023. They raised a staggering £97,000, through their various fundraising activities and in doing so have changed the lives of so many families. They have not only funded air ambulance transfers, but they have also enabled us to buy new medical equipment and they have also facilitated hours of family support both pre and post-transfer. We know that Lia is at the heart of all that they do, and we will continue to save lives in her name."

We want to say a special thank you to Melissa Schoennagel, Ally Pieters, Bhavin Patel, Alice Churchill, Ellie Gay, Tristam Leach and Leslie Mapondera, who have all contributed to this incredible fundraising total. We look forward to working with Apollo Global Management further in 2024.


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