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Help us fly Mia home from China

Mia was born three months premature whilst in China. Her parents lost her twin sister Scarlett and have not had the chance to hold Mia yet. Help us fly Mia back home to the UK so that she can receive specialist treatment surrounded by her family.

Scarlett and Mia are born prematurely

Expectant parents, Matthew and DanDan, were overjoyed to be expecting twin girls, Scarlett Rose and Mia Sue, in July 2023. The plan was for Matthew to finish the degree he was studying in Shenzhen, China and to travel back home to Liverpool, England after the birth of the girls. However, due to complications in the pregnancy, DanDan gave birth via caesarean section and Scarlett and Mia were born on 3rd May in Shenzhen.

At 26 weeks gestation they were 14 weeks premature and consequently critically ill. They were transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit immediately after birth without being held by their parents. They received initial care, but it soon became clear their needs were greater than what the hospital in Shenzhen could provide. Scarlett and Mia were transferred to a hospital in Guangzhou, nearly 100 miles

from where Matthew and DanDan live. Once there, they received CT scans which showed major health issues for both babies. Sadly, Scarlett's condition was so severe that Matthew and DanDan were faced with the decision to stop treatment altogether. Scarlett Rose passed away in Matthew’s arms on 8th June - this was the first time she had been held by her dad.

Dealing with losing Scarlett and Mia’s treatment

During the first eight weeks of his daughters' lives, Matthew completed in degree in Chinese Language and Business. He also juggled writing a dissertation and taking his final exams, all while advocating for his daughters' rights to life and treatment. He also worked part time in marketing and sales but was made redundant for taking time off when Scarlett passed away.

Mia is now eight weeks old and has never been held by her parents. There is a strict no visitor policy in the Neonatal Units Mia has been in - even for parents. Matthew and DanDan have only seen Mia through a window. They receive photographs from a nurse twice a week.

Mia underwent brain surgery at just 6 weeks old and is fighting the many complications of being born prematurely.

As Mia is in hospital in a different city to where they live, they have been renting a flat near the hospital. Unfortunately due to lack of funds they have had to return to Shenzhen where they live. They are now returning twice a week to the hospital with the frozen breast milk. They can view the room where Mia is from a corridor. Mia is all alone. Scarlett, her twin sister, has passed away and her parents are separated from her. They have never held her, changed her nappy or kissed her.

Bringing Mia back to the UK

We desperately want to bring Mia home to get the specialist treatment she needs. We want Matthew and DanDan to be able to visit and care for their daughter, as any new parent should be able to. We are working with national charity, Lia's Wings, to fly Mia home by air ambulance transfer.

Lia’s Wings is providing financial assistance as well practical guidance and medical support for Mia’s safe air ambulance transfer home. Lia’s Wings has given our family so much more than hope. The team have been so supportive and caring. Group calls and messages with Dr Lee Collier have been so helpful and reassuring. Charlotte is a caring voice at the end of the phone. She is the lifeline, helping us organise ourselves to raise the funds needed. We wouldn’t be anywhere without them.

Together with Lia’s Wings, we have raised £15,000 so far towards the costs of the air transfer. We are now reaching out to others to help secure the final £25,000 needed for the air transfer.

If you are able, please consider making a donation towards Mia’s air transfer home. We want Mia to access the most appropriate specialist care back in the UK, surrounded by her family and their support system – your support can make this happen.

Hear from Mia's Grandma

Mia's Grandma, Sue, talked to BBC Radio Merseyside on Monday 10th July about the family's situation. Click on the video below to listen.

Press enquiries

If you are interested in reporting on this family's story and would like to speak to Mia's family, please get in touch with Amanda Homan-Green, Lia's Wings PR & Events Manager. Her details are below.

Contact number: 07850 632271


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