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Gleacher Shacklock and Lia’s Wings Partnership Announcement!

Lia’s Wings is delighted to announce our newest partnership, with leading London-based financial advisory firm, Gleacher Shacklock.

Our team was incredibly privileged to attend one of Gleacher Shacklock’s recent all-staff meetings to launch our partnership plans, and we were met with an overwhelmingly positive response!  

Not willing to rest on their Laurels, five of the amazing team from Gleacher Shacklock’s London office immediately jumped into action, taking on a Tough Mudder to jump-start their fundraising efforts. The team braved five miles of brutal obstacles, including freezing cold water baths, tear gas, electric shocks and,  of course, plenty of mud!

It certainly wasn’t an event for the faint of heart, but the five of them did a fantastic job completing the course, and - dare we say it – seemed to have a great time throughout too! So far they have managed to raise over £880 in just over a week, which is truly incredible. A real testament to their effort, and bravery in conquering such an awe-inspiring challenge. 

Maryia Lysenko, who is coordinating the firm's charitable partnership with Lia’s Wings, and who was one of the five to brave that Tough Mudder - on her birthday no less - had the following to say about our partnership:

“As first timers, Tough Mudder was an unforgettable and amazing experience for everyone involved, and we are thrilled to have been able to contribute to the work that Lia’s Wings do to save lives! The Gleacher Shacklock team is incredibly proud to be working with such a wonderful charity this year, and we hope that this partnership will make a real difference”.

 Charlotte Young, CEO of Lia’s Wings was delighted to share her thoughts about what we hope will be another fantastic partnership for us:

“As we look to start our busiest ever (financial) year - planning to support upwards of 70 babies, having enthusiastic, passionate partners is more important than ever! We are incredibly proud to have Gleacher Shacklock as our partners, and it has been wonderful to see their response so far. It’s rare to find a company who are genuinely passionate about making a difference, and from what we have discussed so far with their staff, we know that they are willing to go above and beyond to help us support each and every family that needs us. Thank you to you all, we cant wait to get started with this wonderful partnership!”

Although they are already well on their way to meeting the initial fundraising total that their team set to support us this year, the Gleacher Shacklock team have stressed that they want their Tough Mudder to be the first of many weird and wonderful challenges this year.

They are also keen to support us through regular volunteering efforts, and will be working with the Lia’s Wings team with some of our public events, collections, and other fundraising activities that we are planning to host over the next 12 months.

Although the money our partners raise is vital, we also can’t grow without raising more awareness about our work  - and the amazing families we support – so having a group of committed supporters keen to help us wherever possible to shout about Lia’s Wings is yet another wonderful outcome from partnerships such as this one.

Thank you to everyone at Gleacher Shacklock for your support, we are all looking forward to a wonderful year ahead!


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