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Nathalie raises £6,500 in memory of Lia

Nathalie Bernadotte ran Richmond Park Half Marathon to raise funds for Lia’s Wings in memory of Lia Schoennagel.

Nathalie in her Lia's Wings vest and showing her rainbow nails

On Sunday 11th June 2023, Nathalie set off on the 13.1 mile route around Richmond Park. She had painted her nails rainbow colours in honour of Lia (rainbow colours were Lia’s favourite) and to serve as a reminder of who she was running for during the tough route.

It was one of the hottest days in London so far this year with temperatures reaching 28 degrees. However, Nathalie was determined to complete this run for Lia.

Nathalie with her husband and son.

3km from the finish line, Nathalie was really struggling. Her son, Leonardo, realised she didn’t have much more to give and so he ran the last few kilometres with her.

Nathalie completed the run and collected her well deserved medal that she engraved with ‘For Lia’.

Nathalie's medal with 'for Lia' engraved on the back.

Nathalie raised over £6,500 for Lia’s Wings (including Gift Aid) which was made up of generous donations from supporters and her own money – she pledged to donate £10 for every donation she received. Nathalie has raised enough to fund:

  • 50 hours of family support both pre and post Lia's Wings transfer.

  • 10 care packs for 5 Mums who's child needs a Lia's Wings transfer.

  • A full medical team to provide the acute care needed during a Lia’s Wings transfer.

  • Road ambulances at both referring and receiving ends of a Lia’s Wings transfer.

She has made an incredible contribution to our work through her fundraising! We have no doubt Lia was with her every step of the way through fundraising and running. Thank you so much Nathalie!


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