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Our time for growth

Over the next few weeks and months, you will see our charity’s brand evolve from ‘Lucy Air Ambulance for Children’ to ‘Lia’s Wings’. We are going into the next chapter of our charity’s evolution with a new identity and expanded purpose.

Our story

Over the past 12 years, our charity, Lucy Air Ambulance for Children, has established a strong reputation for flying babies and children to hospitals in the UK and, increasingly, abroad. We are here for the whole family for as long as they need us to ensure improved outcomes for both the child and their support network.

Lia’s parents have decided to channel their love for their daughter and involvement in our charity, to raise significant funds to expand our work. Bringing Lia into the heart of our charity and rebranding as Lia’s Wings, will help us achieve so much more for the families that need us.

As Lia’s Wings we will be able to:

  • Fund more life-changing air transfers to ensure children can access the critical care they need.

  • Expand our family care package so that the whole family is supported whilst their child is in hospital.

  • Continue to develop our partnership with the NHS to be an influential voice for families whilst their child is in hospital.

  • Provide training for more medical staff to help grow our service further.

Lia is transforming our charity.

Our name

We are named after a very special young girl called Lia, whom the world sadly lost unexpectedly in September 2022. Lia’s family have been closely involved with Lucy Air Ambulance for Children for a number of years. Her parents, Patrick and Melissa, and the wider Lucy AAC family want Lia’s prematurely ended life to be a catalyst for change at our small charity. Going forward, our charity will continue and grow in her name as Lia’s Wings.

Our new look

Our new logo features a motif to represent the wings of the planes we use and the future flights that Lia’s legacy will enable. It’s the turning of the pages to our future. There are three sections to the motif representing our three values; valiant, brilliant and reliable.

Our values

Valiant – We are big-hearted, pioneering and speak up for families that need our help.

Brilliant – We are passionate and committed, and value every partnership that helps us transform children’s lives.

Reliable – We listen and respond to what families need for however long they need us.

Lia’s name is right in the heart of our values. Through living these values we will build our behaviours, attitudes, partnerships, future recruitment, and decision-making in celebration of Lia’s life.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has supported our charity over the past 12 years. You have helped us reach so many children that needed an air transfer to access specialist treatment or care. Your support has been life-changing for these children and their families.

Thank you to everyone connected to the Schoennagel family for the outpouring of support we have received – you will help so many families going forward.

Finally, a special thank you to Patrick and Melissa. There are no words to describe how grateful we are for your loving determination to turn this awful tragedy into a catalyst for change at our small charity. Thank you for allowing us to take Lia’s name forward. We will proudly continue and grow as Lia’s Wings. Lia’s character, memory and love of life will live on through our charity’s work. She will always be at the heart of this charity and we will continue to save and change children’s lives in her name.


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